One of Evian's biggest hurdles is their premium price tag. Evian has to show customers that their quality justifies the cost. We highlighted the (literal) biggest difference between Evian and cheaper waters: the French Alps, the source for every bottle of Evian. 
To take this idea of Peak Water further, we explored a different kind of quality, something unexpected from bottled water but something our target could relate to. Sound quality. A video preroll showcases beats made of water samples.
Now that the target has been introduced to the concept, they're ready for the next phase. While Evian has already famously partnered with high end fashion designers, this time around they're partnering with acclaimed music producers. 
Followers will be directed to a link that takes them to the new campaign's website. Here, they can download beats made of sampled water sounds provided by the campaign's partners, or download the samples and upload their own. Followers will be encouraged to share their beats or videos of themselves free styling over them on social media. By hashtagging the videos with #Evian and #PeakWater the official Evian channels will repost them, creating organic impressions across multiple social channels. 

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