"If you know, you know" is the soul of this campaign. The branding is kept to a minimum, with no logos other than what's visible on the product, and the copy is tongue in cheek. If you don't recognize what you're seeing, then it's not for you. This is for serious grillers only, those who are already considering stepping up their BBQ game with a Big Green Egg. 
This campaign is targeting homeowners in the suburbs. Billboards around highway turnoffs are a must to intercept them on their way to and from work. 
Targeted Facebook ads will catch the target on their preferred social media platform. 
For an experiential, Big Green Egg will give customers a chance to prove their EggQ. A trivia game show will pop up around random home and hardware stores carrying Big Green Egg, inviting random contestants to test their grill knowledge against each other. Those who distinguish themselves will receive the coveted Certificate of Eggcellence, as well as an invitation to Atlanta, Georgia, the home of Big Green Egg and BBQ to attend exclusive EggTalks (and of course, eat some grilled meat) at a Big Green Egg retreat. 

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