Gatorade faces more competition in the sports drink category than ever before. With competitors muscling in on sports sponsorships, Gatorade needs a radical new direction to reassert their relevance and dominance. Instead of holding up sports figures as something to aspire to, why not celebrate the strength, ability and perseverance of the people already enjoying Gatorade? 
Instead of partnering with an athlete or sports association, Gatorade will partner with a local Toronto union, highlighting the athletic qualities of a demographic already loyal to the brand. 
Print ads will run in trade union magazines. 
On social, Gatorade will post profiles of LiUNA Local members in the same lionizing light they would  professional athletes. 
With sponsorship, comes merchandise. Made specially for construction workers (and given free to members of LiUNA Local 183) the merch includes stickers and pins for styling helmets and safety vests, coolers, and even pylons. Here's the kicker. It's all made of recycled Gatorade caps. 

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