The world of hot sauce is a very different place than when Tabasco first hit shelves. Hot sauce heads these days are all talking about Scoville this, Carolina Reaper that. Some would encourage Tabasco to get with the times. Hell no. Leave that nonsense to the nerds. Tabasco is gonna sell hot sauce the way it always has, with brand power and personality. Now tie that attitude to a hot sauce lover's natural affinity for thrill seeking.  
Voila. Tabasco can't own the most heat, but it can own the danger. 
A bold and strategically placed OOH campaign will intercept consumers on the go. Hot sauce is more popular than ever, so casting a wide net is sure to be effective. 
For social media, Tabasco will be sharing recipes from their classic cookbook "Cooking Dangerous With Tabasco". 
In reels on Instagram, a sweet Martha Stewart type will walk the audience through some Tabasco's best recipes, including how to properly handle a chainsaw when chopping vegetables for salad and how far back to stand with your flame thrower for the perfect crust on your chicken casserole. 
The next phase of this campaign will be a cross promotion with a Canadian food influencer. Matty Matheson would be the perfect partner. His cooking content has earned him a large following. He also has the right amount of edge for this campaign. He's tatted, swears like a sailor, and has ties to the Toronto punk scene. 
This phase will begin when Tabasco sends Matty an offer, "Come to our home in New Orleans for a tasting and we'll treat you to an all expenses paid weekend in the Big Easy". Seems simple enough. Except when he has to sign a liability waiver. Surprise, this is no ordinary tasting. You can't fully enjoy Tabasco without some danger. 
Like chowing down on a Tabasco tossed chicken wing while sky diving dangerous. 
Or rocking up to a racetrack with a Tabasco branded Bugatti Chiron, one of the fastest cars on the market
And dabbing Tabasco in the back seat while a stunt driver rips you around the course at top speed. 

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